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You Need a Good NYC Locksmith!

When you have locked yourself out of your car or apartment, or you need to put new locks in all your doors, or the office safe was locked and no one knows the combination… you need Demi Manhattan Locksmith Services.

Whether it is 3 in the afternoon, or 3 in the morning, we serve this community. That means we are here to help you out of a jam anytime and anywhere in the five boroughs–though it will probably take a while to get out of Manhattan. We concentrate on Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

Demi Locksmith has been opening doors in the community for over a decade, now. We have the education and experience you deserve to get you in and on your way to have a better day.

Manhattan Locksmith Services

We Open Doors.

Residential Locksmith.

Commercial Locksmith.

Emergency Car Locksmith

Whatever it is, let’s get you back on track.

Lockouts, Lock Changes, Safes.

We do a lot of different locksmith services and we serve Manhattan and the surrounding communities!


We do things like change out locks or rekey the locks. We can also unlock your home or apartment if you find yourself locked out. We also add security locks and work with smart locks, too.


In a jam and can’t open the doors? Call us now: (646) 632-1414. Or just tap this box!

Commercial Locksmith

At Demi Locksmith Service we work with all types of commercial clients. From opening the bodega to resetting access control for the building, we have you covered. 

Access Control

Whether you need to set up a new access point or redo all the keycards or anything in between, Demi Locksmith Service of Manhattan is here to make sure you get it!

Choose Demi Locksmith Service

We help fix New York’s locksmith problems. What problem can we fix for you?

A Locksmith Available Around The Clock

You don’t always get locked out of your car durning normal business hours. That’s OK, we have locksmiths available to come to you any time day or night.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Getting locked out is never fun, so we work hard to offer you the best service and attitude. Our prices are competitive, too. We also make ourselves available when you need us and we want to leave you with a smile! 🙂

Free Consultation For Locksmith Services

Needing. alocksmith isn’t always an emergency. Sometimes you need to rekey all the locks in an apartment or install a deadbolt or get commercial locksmith services. We’ll come and give you an estimate at no cost to you.

Locksmith Questions

It can be challenging to find the right locksmith, especially in an emergency situation. You don’t want to get played and your in a tight spot. Believe me, I know what that’s like. 

A Demi, we do things a bit differently. We try to keep our customers in mind for all the services we provide. There are differences to costs between daytime and nightime services, but we don’t gouge you. Instead, we are upfront and honest with our pricing over the phone and only rarely does that change.

In fact, the only way it changes at the door is if we failed to get some piece of critical information about your lock (Mortise locks are notorious for being more challenging to open up, for instance. But you’d know if you have a mortise lock).

To help belay any questions and concerns you may have about getting the right locksmith at 1 am in Greenwich Village, for instance, we’ve collected these few common questions people ask.

What exactly is a locksmith and what do they do?

Ever since some people realized that other people might take their stuff, people created locks and keys to keep the door closed. Centuries ago, the making of locks was a profession that was protected by a guild. As a locksmith, you learned how to construct locks and keep them working well. In fact, you would learn some blacksmithing because you actually forged the iron, cut the pins and hammered out the keys all by yourself. You really were a smith.

These days locks are almost never made by a locksmith. Those would generally be relatively easy to break into with modern tools. Instead, commercially available locks are common. Locksmiths still have to know how a lock works.

To make things more complicated, they have to be able to know what lock they are working on at a glance, open a lock from scores of manufactures, and even pick open safes and cars. Locksmiths have to know more about these things than ever before!

When you reach out to a local master locksmith, one that has the experience and certifications like Demi Locksmith Service, you are getting a person that has to know a lot, have good experience and most of all, be trustworthy and reliable so you can get in and on your way.

Why would someone need a locksmith?

Picking a lock is not like the TV shows, fast and simple and anybody can do it. It takes training and patience. That’s what Demi trains it’s locksmiths to be. We also have to be someone you’d trust and so we are.

Finally, some locks are really famously hard to break into and/or impossible to pick. Again, a fast, friendly locksmith is the right way to go. Demi Manhattan Locksmith Services are that locksmith you can trust to get the job done fast, and right.

Who will open the locks? Who goes out on the jobs?

When you call the locksmith, you call us directly. You will speak with Dennis (he is on the right in the picture). Dennis owns Demi Locksmith Services and named the company after his daughter’s name. It keeps him motivated and helps him remember why he is locksmithing.

After you speak with Dennis, either he or one of the technicians he has trained will come out and open your lock.

Why should I choose Demi Locksmith?

There are a lot of locksmiths in Manhattan and New York City in general. Once we counted over a thousand just on Manhattan alone. Many of these locksmith services are great people with great companies, many are not. Demi Locksmith Services in Manhattan are one of the good companiues with good people. Here are some reasons.

We are professionals. 

Dennis and the other Demi Locksmiths have been trained and educated on how to open scores of different locks. We also know how to rekey, install, maintain locks. We are also trained on how to act professionally and treat you well. You are having a bad day, so we try to make it better.

Demi Locksmiths are licensed & insured. 

New York requires locksmiths to be licensed. Regardless of whether you choose us otr not, ask to see the license and scrutinize it. If the locksmith doesn’t show you that he has done his due diligence to be there rightfully, then don’t use them.

We want you to have a great experience, so we carry insurance, including worker’s compensation, and we are licensed to protect you.

The best reason to choose us? We are good! 

We are good people, kind and trustworthy to all, but especially to you our customers. And we are exceptional locksmiths witha lot of experiance in the real world opening doors for people all over the island.

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    What Our Customers Are Saying


    Had such a pleasant experience here today- they helped me find everything I needed and had great customer service. Will definitely be back here. Fixed my lock in about 5 mins” – Megan Hicks


    One of the best locksmiths ive ever dealt with hands down. From start to finish Dennis was on point. Thank you Dennis for a great job. Anyone needing a locksmith call Dennis.” -Luis Torres

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